Squidoo will now apply nofollow markup to all outbound links

Based on the successful operations of other authoritative sites, like Wikipedia, Squidoo will now apply nofollow markup to all outbound links. The biggest one is that in the next few days, all links on all lenses will be nofollow. This means that any link shared on a lens will work exactly as it always has for you and for people visiting Squidoo, but search engines will no longer use it as a signal for ranking. Through the spokesman of Squidoo, “Nofollow will be applied over the course of the next few days as all of our caching systems update.”


People are really moving away from it. Anyways, selling links there is no longer an option. nofollow links do not matter as long as content is good and created for real people. What is important is traffic, targeted traffic that converts is what makes money in the long run. I know a lot of people will disagree that getting a nofollow link would not do any good. However, having good contents that fulfill what the searchers or readers are looking for make the good content more authoritative.



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