Taylor Swift Retweets Hysterical Fan Reactions To ‘Out Of The Woods’

Out Of The Woods

Tue, October 14, 2014

‘Out Of The Woods’ has been released, and Taylor Swift fans have lost their chill. Now a seasoned stalker of both Twitter and Tumblr, Tay is retweeting and reblogging some of her Swifties’ most hilarious meltdowns over her new single. Check ‘em out!

Taylor Swift fans are literally dying all over the world, and it’s all her fault. Leading up to and after the release of the Harry Styles-inspired “Out Of The Woods” at midnight on Oct. 14, Taylor trolled both Tumblr and Twitter for fan reactions, and they’re pretty funny. R.I.P. us.

‘Out Of The Woods’: Taylor Swift’s Fans Go Nuts On Social Media — Her Retweets

For many Tumblr users, the idea of a celebrity lurking their tag is the stuff of nightmares. Seriously, Taylor — don’t go too deep into that rabbit hole.

However, Tay, 24, has become somewhat of a seasoned vet of Tumblr, and she reblogged some pretty hilarious reactions. One fan recorded a video of herself in tears over the bridge of “Out Of The Woods,” calling herself a “pathetic trash mess.”

As a breaking news alert read, “thousands of Swifties dead, still unclear if we are out of the woods.”

Taylor also retweeted a few meltdowns:

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