In the event that Tay doesn’t need him, we’ll take him! Sean O’pry set a large number of hearts excited when he showed up nearby Taylor Swift in her recently appeared music feature for “Clear Space,” the second single off her new collection, 1989.

In the cut, the 24-year-old pop star falls rigid for the 25-year-old hunky male model, just to go completely wild when he neglects to satisfy her desires. (In addition to everything else, she wounds a cake, slices the picture she painted of him, takes a hatchet to the tree where she cut their names, and crushes his auto with a golf club.)

Quick wasn’t the special case who went insane over him, however. After the feature debuted on Monday, Nov. 10, O’pry was everybody’s new pulverize – including our own! Underneath, look at five things to think about the hot new star.

1. He was found on Myspace.

Forbeslife evaluated in October 2013 that O’pry made $1.5 million in 2012, making him “the best male model on the planet.” His profession has included battles with Giorgio Armani, Versace, H&m, Zara, and Hugo Boss, among others – and everything began, he told the mag, on the grounds that a few top industry people (counting previous America’s Next Top Model judge Nole Marin) found him on Myspace when he was 17 years of age.

2. He auditioned to be Christian Gray in the Fifty Shades of Gray film.

“I read for it,” the yearning performer told Access Hollywood of the part of the S&m-adoring elite rich person, which went first to Charlie Hunnam and afterward to Jamie Dornan. Inquired as to why he didn’t get it, given his unquestionable great looks, he answered, “I think it was more the acting capacity at the time.”

That is something he plans to enhance later on. “I’m in school for acting,” he told Vanity Fair. “I need to be generally acknowledged as an on-screen character, not simply [as] a prop…doing this feature truly propelled me further.”