What You Should Know about Freelancer.com: Tips for New Freelancers

Going freelance is the new trend of self-employment in this technology era. The success rate in the world of freelancing is relatively high since workers enjoy its advantages. For one, people across the globe can already make a living out from their skills, internet connection, and gadget. Apart from that, freelancers are the bosses of their time. No wonder why millions of people opted to go freelance and follow its path than do an 8 hours a day work in the office. However, everyone should keep in mind that there is no perfect working condition. There will always be problems and challenges ahead.

freelance tips

If you are new in this industry, these tips can help overcome the challenges of freelancing and hopefully help you succeed in your chosen freelancing career.

  1. Signing up in Freelancer.com is your first key to success. This site can help you browse and bid for projects available on the web. Since more and more clients trust this site, more and more projects are posted every day. You just have to choose and apply for the projects in line with your skills and talents.
  2. Before anything else, you must be aware of the processes of this site—bidding and getting hired. You can use the tools provided by GAF; this is to protect your interest and be able to build a reputation in no time.
  3. Before bidding for a project, always browse and read the employer’s profile and feedbacks. This is to help you decide in bidding. In the profile, you can check the credentials of the employer. The feedback, on the other hand, provides a picture of how the employer deals with his past contractors.
  4. As a rule of thumb, always read the project descriptions carefully before you bid on a project. If you have already checked, read, and decided to bid for one, always use the Project Clarification Board and Private Message Board to contact the employer and ask for queries. This is to clarify terms between you and the employer.
  5. During the process of working for a client, be sure to clarify the payment method. You may want to ask for a milestone payment or an upfront payment depending on the size of the project. For the milestone payment, you will receive portions of your payments as you complete portions of the project. Upfront payments, on the other hand, are payments made before the completion of the project. But you must remember that most employers will hesitate to give out upfront payments to freelancers without feedback scores. For the protection of both contractors and employers, it is advisable to use Freelancer.com’s Milestone Payment service.
  6. Lastly, apart from aiming to get hired, you must also aim to gain positive feedbacks. The more positive feedbacks you have, the better your reputation will be. However, you will unlikely receive a good feedback if your output does not meet the standards of the employers. Be sure to finish your project successfully to make your employers happy. Another word of advice, make sure that you will get paid through Freelancer.com in order to receive a feedback.

Tips for New Freelancers is obviously a helpful who wants to be a successful freelancer.Freelancer.com aims to provide both its clients and freelancers the best service they ought to avail. Clients and contractors alike place their trust in this site. Hence, it is best to start your freelancing journey with Freelancer.com.



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