No trace: Mystery surrounds disappearance of Wyoming grandmother

No trace Mystery surrounds disappearance of Wyoming grandmother

Kristi Richardson’s tidy home was undisturbed when police arrived on Oct.

7 — the front door deadbolted, both cars in the garage and the recently-widowed trucking executive’s purse where she always left it. But there was no sign of the 61-year-old grandmother that day or since, and her disappearance has left loved ones and law enforcement in Casper, Wyo., stumped.

Her family is convinced Richardson met with foul play, but police say there’s not enough evidence yet to classify her disappearance a crime.

“The hard part of this case is that she is literally the only thing missing from her home,” Capt. Steve Freel of the Casper Police Department told “This is truly going back to 1950s police work.”

Richardson, the longtime owner of a trucking business in Casper, was last seen on Oct. 6 when she drove to her daughter’s home — on the same block — to drop off a birthday card and visit her grandchildren. Phone records show that later that day, at 7:45 p.m., Richardson took a routine phone call from one of her drivers. The next call to Richardson’s phone, at 11 p.m. and from a vendor that does business with Richardson Trucking, went unanswered.




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