13 july 2014

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t seen this week’s episode of True Blood, “Death is Not the End,” stop reading now (or at least check out our full recap first). We spoke with actress Tara Buck, who’s billed as a regular for the first time this season, about fan favorite Ginger’s backstory, which, along with Fangtasia’s origin story, was revealed in a series of glorious flashbacks.

NTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: We found out that in 1996, college student Ginger came into the video store the Magister had forced Pam and Eric to run 10 years earlier looking for vampire movies, and she was so smitten with Eric, that she immediately asked to work there. Had the writers told you anything about Ginger’s history over the years, or was this the first time you got a piece of it, too?
TARA BUCK: I never sat down with the writers and spoke to them about it. But when I got that script, I was like, “This is amazing. You read my mind.” It was much more elaborate, fantastic, and funny than I had imagined, but it was this instinct connection, like, “This is right. That’s absolutely Ginger’s backstory.” I always thought of Ginger as a vampire groupie. I felt like she had this relationship with Pam and Eric—but specifically Eric, like he was Mick Jagger or Michael Jackson. He’s this God-like being in her life. [Laughs] Although she comes from a small town in the South and probably grew up with nothing, this is her version of getting to go on a world tour with the biggest rock star that anybody has ever encountered. And she will take whatever that brings, meaning, whatever abuse—though she doesn’t see it as abuse. She’s just thrilled to be there for the ride and that she somehow is chosen to accompany them. She was just smart enough that she was like, “I know there’s a whole world out there, and I want to taste it. I don’t know how I’m going to,” and then on her little research mission, she finds Pam and Eric, and it’s done. It’s like the fork in the road, and she goes left, and that’s forever for her. [Laughs] Her destiny.

Take me through filming that moment when Ginger first sees Eric and gasps. What was your first reaction when you saw Alexander Skarsgard in that get-up?
My god. I was like, “You’re Jason Priestley.” [Laughs] I mean, truly. The hair up. When we all got to the video store for the first time [in full costume], we were all just too geeked out. We kept laughing at each other. We were really giddy, like little kids. In fact, Gregg Fienberg, who directed this episode, kept saying, “You guys, seriously. Okay, it’s time to work.” We’re like, “Yeah, but his shirt is unbuttoned to here. It’s hilarious.” I honestly had a hard time with Alex not laughing through that whole scene. We kept kinda looking at each other and smirking. There’s that moment where I ask Pam and Eric for a job application. Both of us couldn’t really even say the line to each other, because we thought it was so funny.

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