The US unemployment rate dunked to 5.9% in September, a six-year low, authority figures have indicated.

The rate tumbled from 6.1% in August and is the least recorded since July 2008.

US Labor Department additionally said that managements included 248,000 occupations a month ago, and the occupation development figures for August and July were overhauled upwards.

The employments figures are seen as a huge gage of the strength of the economy and there has been much civil argument over when US investment rates will climb.

The US Federal Reserve has kept investment rates near zero since the money related emergency in 2008.

“The most critical thing is in this report is the drop in the unemployment rate underneath 6%. (Sustained Chair Janet) Yellen has said there is just so much slack if the unemployment rate falls beneath 6%,” said Christopher Low, boss economist at FTN Financial in New York.

The Labor Department said 69,000 more employments were made in July and August than had beforehand evaluated. It likewise said about 100,000 jobseekers quit searching for work.

“This (jobless) number will keep on supporting the thought that the economy is developing,” said Paul Nolte at Kingsview Asset Management in Chicago, “and it isn’t strong to the point that the Fed will raise rates at whatever time soon”.