College of Southern California senior cornerback Joshua Shaw likely won’t play in the Trojans’ season opener Saturday against Fresno State,

yet he’s now being hailed by hismentor as a legend in the wake of spraining both his lower legs bouncing off a second-story gallery to recover his 7-year-old nephew from suffocating.

The school said the occurrence happened Saturday evening, when Shaw was going to a family party at his cousin’s condo in Palmdale, Calif. At one point, Shaw saw his nephew Carter, who can’t swim, battling in the flat intricate’s pool. With nobody else adjacent, Shaw bounced off the overhang onto the cement beneath. Regardless of the ache, USC said Shaw could creep into the pool and force his nephew to security before moving himself out of the water.

Shaw was taken to the healing facility where he was diagnosed with two high lower leg sprains. He said Carter was traumatized, yet physically fit as a fiddle.

Prior at night, Shaw had been named a group commander. Presently, he will be sidelined inconclusively because of his wounds.

“I would do it again for whatever child it was, it didn’t need to be my nephew,” Shaw told USC’s site. “My lower legs truly hurt, however I am fortunate to be encompassed by the best coaches and specialists on the planet. I am taking my recovery without rushing too much, and I want to be again on the field at the earliest opportunity.”

“That was a brave demonstration by Josh, putting his individual security aside,” USC football mentor Steve Sarkisian told the school’s site. “In any case that is the sort of individual he is. It is lamentable that he’ll be sidelined for some time and we will miss his authority and play, yet I know he’ll be endeavoring to get over on the field at the earliest opportunity.”