Venezuelan government weighs in on ice-cream shop row

Venezuelan government weighs in on ice-cream shop row

The Venezuelan tourism ministry has denied reports that a shortage of milk is behind the closure of a famous ice-cream shop in the city of Merida.

The shop, called Coromoto, is famous for offering more than 850 flavours of ice cream ranging from beer to beans.

It announced on Facebook on 26 December that it would be closing “for the high season due to a lack of milk”.

But the ministry says there is no shortage of ingredients and that other local ice-cream shops remain open.


Venezuela, which depends on imports for many products, is experiencing shortages of some staples, such as corn oil and powdered milk.

According to the latest official figures released by Venezuela’s central bank, the scarcity index stood at 29,4% in March.

This suggests that out of 100 goods, 29 were not always available everywhere at the time.

While this does not mean that Venezuelans cannot get access to food, it does mean that they may have to go to different supermarkets and search over several days to get everything on their shopping list.




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