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Freelancing has gained momentum in this century. Due to the unstable economy, more and more businesspersons seek ways on how to cut their costs on important resources—materials, time, and even human resources. In order to save, it has become a trend for small-time business owners to recruit full-time and part-time workers from freelance websites. This does not mean that office workers are becoming a thing of the past. However, to be able to keep up with the economic demands, the best option they have is to hire freelancers.

Along with the economic crisis comes the high trend of unemployment. More and more people found it difficult to land on a job; let alone many lose their jobs every day. Hence, this is one of the reasons why freelancing became the newest trend in employment. Unemployed folks can make a living right at the comfort of their homes by selling their skills in the online marketplaces called freelance sites. With just one click on the sign-up button, hundreds of job and project postings will surely occupy your screen. Here are the top sites you should browse on if you are looking for job and projects online.


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Connect with clients across the globe using By the year 2004, it had already reached about 7 million registered employers and contractors. Truly, this is the largest outsourcing marketplace on the Web. This site helps the employers’ business become competitive. On the contractors’ side, by bidding and being hired for a project, freelancers can earn $30 for a start.

2. Guru

must browse freelance sites-2 helps clients to choose from over 400,000 freelancers worldwide. Through their food and wine pairing system, the Guru Recommend system matches up the projects with the qualified Freelancers. This helps the clients choose their contractors. Not only that, Guru uses SafePay for guaranteed payment system.

3. Elance

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Elance is currently connected with 500,000 businesses around 150 countries worldwide. They supply these businesses with fairly a large pool of freelancers—around 2 million freelance professionals to be exact. They are using a licensed escrow for milestone payments for fixed-projects. For hourly based projects, they are using Work View to approve outputs.

4. oDesk

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In the 2012 oDesk statistics, there are 3 million contractors registered in this site. With their principle, “an hour worked is an hour paid, and an hour paid  is an hour worked” no wonder why freelancers trust this site. On the other hand, clients can build their own online workforce through oDesk.

5. PeopleperHour

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Peopleperhour (PPH) team is composed of quirky people from Europe up to the grounds of Asia. PPH is a growing community. Aside from the services it offers, it also has a unique approach on freelancing. Employers are termed as buyers (of services) while contractors are called as sellers.

6. Freelance Switch

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Freelance switch is an online community of expert freelancers. Apart from job posting, the site also offers resources you can read from. These resources are skill tutorials and tips.

7. Go Freelance

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Go Freelance offers freelancers a wide array of projects available online. This site aims to help newbies and even expert freelancers to achieve financial freedom and gain a professional career.

8. iFreelance

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Unlike other freelance sites, ifreelance provides its employers and freelancers unique opportunities. It aims to remove all the complications between employers and freelancers. For the benefit of its members, this site does not charge any commissions for all the projects done.

9. Fiverr

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In Fiverr, the freelancers’ (known as sellers) skills are posted on the dashboard. Unlike other freelance sites, fiverr’s page is designed to promote the services of all its members. On the other hand, the projects or the gigs only occupy a small part on the dashboard. For every successful gig, freelancers can gain $5 for a start.

10. Logo My Way

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Freelance designing sites has a different approach among other freelance sites. is one of the designing marketplace on the web. Instead of bidding for projects, freelance designers join designing contests. As clients host a contest, all the freelancers could do is to create the design and submit it to the client. The best designs win the contests.

11. 99 Designs

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99designs is the leading designing contest marketplace. This site offers limitless contest possibilities for freelancers who have a knack for designing. 99designs uses a contest like approach where logo buyers can host a designing contest. Freelancers are encouraged to submit their designs and concepts to compete for the prize. The best designer will be awarded as the winner

12. Get a Coder

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Get a Coder has been doing business in about 234 countries and regions worldwide. It mainly offers web designers and programmers limitless job postings and offers. However, writers and other non-web based freelancers may browse for projects in this site.

13. Programmer Meet Designer

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For web programmers, graphic designers and web entrepreneur, this site is for you. As the name implies, programmers and entrepreneurs who need a design may look for designers here. However, this site is not limited to these three fields of freelancing. Now, content writers can also sign up and look for jobs here.

14. Jobbi

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The people behind Jobbi aimed to change the way freelancers find jobs. The site provides free tools such as video resumes, resume posts, and much more, in order to make job hunting simple and efficient.

15. Sologig

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Sologig is mainly an Information Technology and Engineering job finder site. Unlike other freelance sites, there is no need to bid in sologig. Just search for jobs you are interested in, and communicate and negotiate the employer directly.

16. Freelance India

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Freelance India is the first and the fastest growing outsourcing site in India. They provide freelancers, not only India-based, but all freelancers across the globe with job postings. Freelancers can choose from a free or a paid membership.

17. Translator Cafe

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Translator Café is operated by SmartName. This site aims to help freelancers search for job by means of targeted search terms. It is designed to enhance overall search experience. The navigation format of this site is user friendly.

18. Freelance Writing

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Freelance Writing  has been operating since 1997. Based from its tagline, this site has been helping freelance writers to succeed up until now. True enough,apart from job postings, this site offers articles and videos on successful freelancing.

19. Project Spring

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Project Spring is a marketplace for programmers. IT employers post projects in this site. The programmers, also known as service providers bids on the project. At the end of the bidding, the project will be awarded to the suitable programmer.

20. Freelance Job Search

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This site consolidates all the job postings from various freelance sites across the globe. The job posting site is updated hourly. Consequently, freelancers from various fields of skills can browse and bid fore a lot of projects anytime.

21. iWriter

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Members of iWriter can earn money by writing articles for employers. By registering to this site, you can earn $15 for every article produced. You will have the liberty to choose the topic you will be writing on and you can even choose the number of articles you will write for each day.

22. Project4Hire

must browse freelance sites-22 offers IT professionals, Coders, Designers, Software developers, Translators and professionals under other fields of skills, with an excellent opportunity to earn money from gigs while working at home. Contractors and clients enjoy the services this site provides for free.

23. Freelanza

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Freelancers can search job posting in Apart from the freelance jobs, blogs and news about the world of freelancing can be read from this site.

24. Authentic Jobs

must browse freelance sites-24 believes that there is a perfect blend between talent and opportunity. This is an avenue where talent (from creative professionals) and opportunity (from companies) meet.  This site has been operating since 2005 and it has gained a good reputation on the web.

25. Coroflot

must browse freelance sites-25 is providing a bridge between designers and employers. Designers are given outstanding opportunities to work with the big companies Coroflot is servicing. Nike and Sony are among the big companies Coroflot is connected with.

26. Krop

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Last but not the least is This hosts job boards and portfolios for the creative industry. They are servicing reputable people and companies. They have done business with the US President himself, Barrack Obama, and Apple.



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